Referenzen / Presse

Referenzen / Presse

  • Eon, Hannover
  • Henkel, Düsseldorf
  • Infraserv, Gendorf
  • Kochhaus, Berlin
  • LOI/Tenova, Essen
  • Merck, Darmstadt
  • Olint, Rădăuți, Ro
  • Porsche, Stuttgart
  • Renolit, Worms

Carola Frerker
Recruiting Directorin, Boston Consulting Group

„Ich durfte Henrietta Schermall im Rahmen
eines Hypnose-Coaching…

zur Stressreduktion kennenlernen. Sie hat ein sehr fundiertes Wissen und Kenntnisse über die Anwendung der Milton Erickson Methode, hat sehr schnell mein Anliegen verstanden und ist äusserst kompetent sowohl in fachlicher als auch emotionaler Hinsicht darauf eingegangen. Habe stets grosse Offenheit empfunden und in jeder Hynose-Session völliges Vertrauen in Henrietta Schermall gesetzt. Kann Frau Schermall persönlich und ihre Arbeitsweise jederzeit weiterempfehlen!“

Chris Oguntolu
Account Manager at Thomson Reuters

‪”I am grateful to advocate Henrietta
as a very competent…

leadership- and business-coach for companies and individual professionals. With her motivating approach, Henrietta is sharing positive energy, best suitable to release hidden abilities. Her empathic and very skilled behavior offers a trusting platform to grow maximum potential. Working with Henrietta is truly inspiring and surrounded by very supportive and strategic actions. Henrietta has shown clear focus developing goals and objectives. I value Henrietta as very meaningful person with superb and professional presence.”

Ghislain Perez
Co-Owner chez BIOVAL Granules de bois

‪“2 years ago I have worked with Henrietta
about „leadership and assertiveness“…

for 10 months. In fact it turned in a great experience of entire personal development. Of course the job we did together met my expectation and the targets we fixed at first. But not only. I had the chance to learn more about managing my stress, targeting daily tasks, improving my tolerance against others (even in difficult situation), sharing experiences, … Thanks again !

‪Another important detail, Henrietta can speak an excellent English. That makes her coaching available also for non-German speaking people. It was my case as a French. There was absolutely no problem of understanding and obviously any standard English speaking people can work with Henrietta. To summarize I can recommend Henrietta from her comprehensive approach of each personality and culture up to the effective result you can reach at the end – even if personal development would never end … She is simply an excellent coach/therapist and a great person!”

Liviu Cusiac

‪”I highly recommend Henrietta Schermall
as a leadership-coach…

and as a strategic organisation consultant. ‪I had the pleasure to work with Henrietta for almost two years closely. She did an excellent job. Henrietta has demonstrated a deep understanding and expertise in her field, possesses outstanding analytical skills and has the remarkable ability to tackle even the most intricate issues with great ease.

‪I appreciate her human being and her very welcoming and friendly character.

‪Besides her professional and sharp behaviour, Henrietta is a lovely and much valued person.”

Manuel Gosse
Mediation, Corporate Developement

“Nach meinem Burn Out, hat mich Frau Schermall
1,5 Jahre sehr wirkungsvoll…

dabei unterstützt die tieferen Ursachen hierfür zu erkennen und zu verändern. Durch Ihre authentische, offene und professionelle Art war es mir schnell möglich mich auf diese “innere Reise” einzulassen. Heute kann ich sehr gut mit innerem und äußerem Stress umgehen. Ich bin trotzdem leistungsfähiger als je zuvor und bestens gelaunt, so dass mir mein Job wieder große Freude macht. Ich empfehle Frau Schermall als äußerst kompetente Begleiterin und Coach, die Ihr Handwerk selbst durchdrungen hat.”

Joachim Spieth
DJ, composer, producer, owner of Affin

“I had the pleasure to work with Henrietta
for two years We were working…

in two fields: She encouraged me in my leadership-role as a chief of “affin” and she supported me in my personal development, especially in my way of being an artist; how I see my self as an artist and how I can integrate those both conflicting roles in my daily life. With her special coaching-approach I was able to make some great new experiences.

Henrietta is not only an excellent artist and leadership coach with outstanding interpersonal skills, she is also a very responsible and open minded person”